My Philosophy Regarding Supplements

In general, I recommend a “Food First” approach for addressing nutrient needs, weight loss and general health.  The Food First approach focuses on food as medicine, so that the variety and diversity of our gut microbiome is fed by a variety of high-quality fresh, whole foods. However, when there are imbalances in the gut microbiome – and there usually are with my clients, that’s why they come to me – sometimes gut health supplements are necessary to help more quickly and completely rebalance the gut. 

 In these cases, herbal antimicrobials are beneficial to help eradicate a bacterial overgrowth or to more gently soothe and rebuild the gut.  Food is powerful medicine, but in these cases, supplementation is often required to get an adequate dose of the ingredients needed to treat the issue.  That’s when we bring out the big guns… supplements!

Why I Chose FullScript

FullScript, my online dispensary, provides the highest quality supplements for my clients!  When people come to me, they’re already struggling with gastrointestinal issues, so I always avoid any ingredients that might worsen their symptoms.   

 In the past, I would spend hours scrutinizing the ingredient labels on supplements, searching for those that met my standards.  With FullScript, I know that I can trust them – all their brands have already undergone their strict standards protocol and third-party testing, and so I don’t have to spend time weeding through products, looking for the gems. 

Why Not Amazon or eBay for Cheaper Gut Health Supplements?

In today’s world, supplements are available just about everywhere – at the grocery store, the chiropractor, drug stores and many places online.  Often, people that are hesitant to purchase “expensive” vitamins and supplements turn to internet sites such as Amazon and eBay to purchase supplements on the cheap for themselves and their kids, assuming that they’re all the same.   

 But they’re not.

 There are three main ways that supplements end up on the market at unbelievably low prices:

  • They are counterfeit and possibly dangerous.
  • They are expired products – and therefore useless – that have been repackaged as new.
  • They are stolen products released on the black market without any quality control.

The only way to ensure that you are getting what you’re expecting is to buy supplements that are considered pharmaceutical grade or professional grade.  They contain higher quality ingredients, and usually undergo stringent testing before being brought to market… like the supplements at FullScript!

 And to make things a little less expensive, I share my practitioner discount at FullScript with all my clients!