Step 2: Reduce Harmful Organisms

Why Is It Important?

Gut healing has 3 important steps for success: Diagnose, Reduce, and Rebuild. You can only guess about the cause of your gut symptoms if you are not doing a complete gut microbiome diagnostic first. At EverVital Nutrition, we always say, “If you’re not testing, you’re guessing.”

So, that is the first step with every patient, getting to the root cause of all the symptoms that you’re experiencing with a GI-MAP comprehensive gut microbiome test. Once we have your test results, we’ll know exactly how to proceed.

Depending on your diagnosis, you may have harmful organisms overgrown that are either causing GI symptoms directly or creating an environment in which digestion cannot function properly. In either case, these harmful organisms will need to be reduced or eliminated in order to regain your gut health, and this is the next step in the Complete Gut Fix Program, Reduce Harmful Organisms.

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What Does It Involve?

With our innovative GI-MAP diagnostic technology, we will know exactly which organisms are overgrown in your gut, and this is really important. Many organisms can cause similar symptoms, and knowing whether we’re dealing with parasites, bacteria, fungi, or a combination is crucial for your speedy recovery.

In this Reduce step, we’ll target your specific overgrowths by developing a plan to systematically remove them from your digestive tract. We’ll make recommendations regarding supplements that will reduce your overgrown organisms, lifestyle factors that impact your progress, and the best nutrition to support your gut health.

What Can I Expect?


The entire Reduce process usually takes about three months to complete. You’ll receive a customized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocol (supplements are not included) designed to get rid your body of your exact overgrown organisms.  As you begin healing, we’ll make any adjustments to your plan as needed to fast track your recovery.


We will meet each month to discuss your progress and address any questions or concerns that may come up.  Additionally, you’ll have access to our patient portal, which is where you access our online educational platform to get you up to speed on everything related to gut health. The portal also features a chat option for any between-appointment questions. This is the stage of our gut health program where most people see a significant reduction in symptoms.


Toward the end of the Reduce process, you should begin to feel more like your old self again.  Issues like constipation, bloating, reflux, and fatigue will decrease as the treatment frees your gut from its harmful organism overload.


You may even start to notice the benefit that reducing these harmful organisms has on your gut-brain connection.  During this period, symptoms like brain fog, poor concentration, and trouble sleeping can also be resolved.

Bonus: Discounted Supplements

During this Reduce step, we’ll treat harmful organisms with natural herbal supplements. As a patient, you will have access to our online dispensary at Fullscript with our practitioner discount.

Ready to get started with your Diagnosis?

The goal of our Complete Gut Fix Program is to resolve your symptoms and prevent you from ever returning to the place you started from.