Step 3: Rebuild a Strong Gut

A common misconception about chronic digestive issues is that they can be fixed with the latest and greatest magic pill.  While we wish that were the case, the reality is that achieving gut health is a journey that takes commitment and care.

You may not realize how your gut health affects your overall health.  Those who have severe digestive concerns certainly understand the connection bretween poor gut health and their GI symptoms, but did you know that your poor gut health also affects your memory, mood, hormones, energy, skin, and the foods that you can tolerate. This is why it’s vital that we take all the steps necessary to rebuild a beautifully strong gut microbiome so that you have lasting results.

rebuild gut health
rebuild gut health

What Does It Involve?

Once you have been properly diagnosed and the harmful organisms in your digestive tract have been reduced or eliminated altogether, we’ll focus on restoring your gut microbiome. Many people who have chronic gut issues have functional digestive concerns due to years of symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.

To completely fix your gut health and prevent future issues, we will repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria and create an environment in which they will thrive long-term. This is the Rebuild portion of our EverVital Complete Gut Fix Program and our goal is to set you up for future gut health success.

What Can I Expect?

Bonus: Discounted Supplements

During this Rebuild step, we’ll create a strong robust gut microbiome using natural herbal supplements. As a patient, you will continue to have access to our online dispensary at Fullscript with our practitioner discount.

Ready to get started with your Diagnosis?

The goal of our Complete Gut Fix Program is to resolve your symptoms and prevent you from ever returning to the place you started from.

Hey, if you’re not quite ready to make a decision right now, but you’d like to get more info, schedule a free gut health assessment here.