I’ll Fix Your Gut Health!

Hi, I’m Donna!

In order to live your best life, you have to address your gut health issues. Everything starts in the gut: from brain and skin health to confidence and body weight. To optimize your gut, you need the right testing, the right nutrition, the right supplements, and the right coach to fully support you during your gut health journey.

That’s where I come in.


IF YOU have suffered from all the symptoms of an imbalanced gut and are ready to finally figure out the root cause of your symptoms and how to FIX them for good, my signature program, Complete Gut Fix (CGF), is for you!
In CGF, I’ll help you understand what exactly is imbalanced in your gut with comprehensive gut testing, and will develop a customized written protocol to repair and rebuild your gut, targeting your specific imbalances and symptoms.
In the program, you’ll receive 1:1 coaching with me as well as self-study gut health education so you can maintain your beautiful, healthy, new gut!

GI MAP Testing

Assessing GI health with the proper tools can help us get to the root cause of chronic GI issues so you can finally heal your gut.


The Complete Gut Fix Program

Includes GI-MAP Testing plus a personalized gut health program with 1:1 monthly video coaching

The Complete Gut Fix Program

Includes GI-MAP Testing plus a personalized gut health program with 1:1 monthly video coaching

EverVital Nutrition Is THE Solution to Your Struggles!

Maybe you feel like you can’t heal, that no treatment will work and you’re frustrated because you’ve tried everything. You’ve had all the tests (and all came back normal). You may have even had other gut tests or even the GI-MAP test from another practitioner who provided ZERO protocol or plans to heal. Maybe you’re frustrated and worried because you’re on PPIs or other meds that may have side effects but your doc says to stay on them indefinitely.

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Struggling with Any of These Issues?

Digestive Issues

Diarrhea*, constipation*, bloating*, gas, or acid reflux cause you to often feel embarrassment, stress, and anxiety about going out in public without knowing where bathrooms are. You may even feel like you look 5 months pregnant.

Weight Gain

No clothes fit even though you eat perfectly and work out all the time – and your doc says “it’s your age.”

Mood Issues

You may even have told you’re “crazy” (hopefully not in those words). Maybe you’ve been under the care of a therapist for years, are tired of being on antidepressants or other meds, and wonder if you’ve been misdiagnosed or mislabeled.

Brain Fog / Fatigue

Tired and unmotivated.

Skin Issues

Embarrassed to have breakouts in your 30’s, 40’s+, no real solution other than to go on antibiotics for months = frustration to have wrinkles AND acne at the same time… that’s just wrong.

Utter Frustration!

ever vital

What You’ll Get from Me

Someone who cares and will truly listen

I’ve been where you are and understand how you feel. I also know that healing IS possible and that you can not only get relief from your symptoms but you can live with more vitality than you may think possible.


The true root cause of your symptoms.

An actionable plan

Using comprehensive gut health testing as well as a deep dive on diet including caloric intake, food journaling, lifestyle factors and making those connections between symptoms and food – so you can feel in control of your diet and movement.

Simple strategies that are geared towards your personal life & habits to allow weight loss to be simplified

A Solution Once and for All, Dammit!

Real Relief and the ability to live the rest of your life with vitality.

I Train For Every Day

I train for every day.

I train because I want to be ready when a new experience presents itself.

I train because I want to do the things I want to do, regardless of my age.

I train because I want to live a vital life full of thrilling experiences.

I am living a vital life.

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