Lexi B. - A Case Study

The beautiful woman pictured here is Lexi.  A few years ago, she was living in NYC, working on Wall Street. (Yes, she’s gorgeous AND smart!)

High-stress environment, check.  No time to cook, check.

Lexi grew up in an environment where healthy eating was encouraged, so she didn’t eat like a typical 26-year-old.  When she started having stomach pain with everything she ate, she began to eat less.  And still gained weight.  She added some workouts into her life.  And still gained weight.  She thought it was food allergies so she cut out all the potential offenders:  gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol… and still the pounds packed on.

Her stomach pains continued, then cropped up some other fun issues with her skin, energy levels, and the bathroom stuff… just straight up weird shit going on there.  At this point, Lexi had gained about 40 lbs. Her diet was unsuccessful in easing her symptoms, and honestly chicken and broccoli is an unsustainable diet long-term.

So I suggested the GI-MAP gut test. We needed to know exactly what was in her gut as the root cause of her digestive and weight problems.

Her results showed a parasite, which was not-lovingly-nicknamed, Jill.  Jill was the nasty culprit causing all the problems in Lexi’s life.

Thus began “Operation Kill Jill.”   You can see the results for yourself in Lexi’s before and after pics.  Lexi is now thriving.  And Jill?  Jill is dead.

The moral of this story?

Your gut microbiome matters so much.  And your symptoms don’t have to only be obviously related to each other to be caused by the same issue.  Your gut health affects your entire body.  Every single one of my clients that have had their gut tested found a major issue relating to their overall health and wellness.  Every. Single. One.

Test, don’t guess.

Reach out today if you’d like to get started on optimizing your gut and overall wellness today!