Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts with a Healthy Gut!

And why is a healthy gut so important when all you really want is to drop some lbs.??
Get this, research and more research shows that the more diverse your gut microbiome is, meaning the number and variety of creatures living in there, plus a high-fiber intake are correlated with less weight gain in humans, independent of calorie intake and other confounders.
Yup, your gut bugs matter. The number of bacteria and which bacteria are dominant can also affect weight gain by influencing the human body’s ability to extract and store calories.
So, let’s break this down. This means that if you’re missing certain gut bacteria, like Akkermansia muciniphila, your body will absorb MORE calories from the same amount of food than if you had an optimal amount of Akkermansia. More calories. Same food.
Hardly seems fair, right?

Weight Loss
Made Easy

Weight Loss Supercharger Bundle

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Introducing The Weight Loss Supercharger Bundle

These three supplements will enhance your weight loss efforts, regardless of what diet you choose – counting calories, macros, keto, Paleo, vegan, carnivore… whatever! You don’t have to go through another holiday season at a weight in which you don’t feel comfortable. You absolutely CAN lose weight through the holidays and into the New Year… you just need a little Supercharger!
Paleo Fiber RS

PaleoFiber RS

Be sure that you’re hitting your fiber goal daily with our first recommendation. Not only will you feel fuller, longer, but side benefit… that specific form of fiber, resistant starch, is what your beneficial gut bacteria thrive on! Feeding them will help keep them strong and robust, able to fight off any invaders and keep things in balance, like a superhero.

Paleo Reds


The second supplement in this bundle is PhytoBiome, a unique blend of a variety of fruit and vegetable extracts featuring targeted amounts of polyphenols that promote healthy diversity in the gut microbiome. Polyphenols can be gobbled up by our gut bacteria, acting like prebiotics that help to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and discourage that of unfriendly bacteria… so, it’s another supercharger for a healthy gut.

Weight Loss Support Packets

Weight Loss Support Packets

These babies are divided out all nice and neat for you, a morning dose and an evening dose. They contain vitamins, minerals, and several compounds proven to assist the body in using fat for fuel (buh bye, belly!) and to help support healthy insulin, cortisol and energy levels.